SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s not the way anyone wants to start the New Year; but in just a few weeks, nearly 300 Campbell’s Soup employees will spend their last day on the job as the plant readies to close after more than 60 years in Sacramento.

In just three weeks, production at Campbell’s Soup will start to slow down as dozens of employees mark their last day on the job.

“This is the greatest crew I’ve ever worked with in my life,” employee Daniel Hughes said.

After 33 years, Hughes will clock into work at the Campbell’s factory for the last time on Feb. 1.

“They have to give out two month notices,” said Hughes.

He received his notice in the mail last month, along with dozens of others. This group is the first round of pink slips to go out since Campbell’s announced it would shut down its south Sacramento plant.

Many employees didn’t want to talk about the job cuts affecting nearly 800 people.

“No, we can’t really talk to you,” said one employee.

Those who did speak say the Campbell’s Soup family is supporting each other.

“I would say this about the organization, they’re holding up pretty well,” said another employee. “I’ve got a lot of respect for this workforce and the organization.”

Campbell’s says people just aren’t buying canned soup like they used to, so the company must cut costs.

The first phase of layoffs will affect 290 employees, with their last day on Feb. 1. The second wave will hit in May, affecting 320 employees, and the remaining 150 workers will have their last day in July.

“These guys are putting out, cranking like never before, because they believe in this place, and they’re going to take it to the end,” said Hughes. “That’s the mood.”

Hughes says finding jobs will be difficult, but so will the goodbye for Campbell’s long-time employees.

“It’s going to be a hard day,” Hughes said of his last day on the job. “After all the years I’ve been here, you know, it’s going to be tough.”

A Campbell’s Soup spokesperson says the numbers and the timing of the layoffs could still change.


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