ARBUCKLE (CBS13) – A former Pierce High School employee says there were guns possibly on the school campus, and the employee who reported it says nothing was done about.

“They’re kinda sweeping it under the carpet and they’re there to protect the kids,” said Marty Tucker.

Tucker is the former maintenance technician with Peirce Joint Unified School District in Arbuckle. He says the principal brought guns to school, not just hidden away, but on display to sell.

“He said that old lady died and her husband had all those guns. ‘Well I got them, you wanna see them?’ ” Tucker said of the principal.

Tucker said he tried several times to avoid the principal’s proposal to see this one-man gun show on campus. He says another employee saw nearly a dozen long rifles loaded in the principal’s truck.

“The next day, the vice principal came up and said he bought a .270 rifle that night,” said Tucker.

CBS13’s calls were not returned. However, the people we did talk to around the school are referring us to the superintendent. He says action has been taken, but he will not specify what kind.

Colusa County Sheriff’s Office never received word about the incident but the district attorney’s office says it is investigating.

“There’s a line and he definitely crossed it,” resident Patrick Keane said.

“It probably wasn’t the best idea to bring a gun to school,” said Elijah Burhard.

It happened two weeks before school started, but there were kids on campus.

“There’s kids there, they had volleyball camps going on and I think there was football practice,” said Tucker.

Now the man who reported it says he felt so uncomfortable on campus that he quit.

“We’re taught to watch the people that are out there, not the people that are managing us,” said Tucker.


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