By Tony Lopez

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) – The hottest name in sports is spiking 49er fever to a whole new level, and now the marketing madness begins for Colin Kaepernick.

It’s a race to the finish line. Who will be the first big-name company to land one of the hottest names in sports as a spokesperson?

Get this: After Kaepernick’s record-setting performance in last Saturday’s playoff win over the Green Bay Packers, his agent says he got close to 20 offers for the 49ers quarterback.

It’s as clear as he is fast. The new Sports Illustrated cover boy jinx? What jinx? Kaepernick will eventually get as many offers as he has tattoos.

But marketing experts warn the writing is on more than Colin’s arms. He has a lot riding on where he lends his image.

“He’s hot right now. This is the best time for him to jump on the bandwagon. He just needs to jump on the right bandwagon,” marketing expert Ann Bouchard said.

Bouchard says the Turlock native has to believe in what he endorses.

“If it’s authentic to him, it’ll be authentic to his audience, and honestly the whole millennial generation is about authenticity and being true to yourself,” she said.

With that said our ideas for Colin wouldn’t go over very well:

  • A line of hats called Colin’s caps.
  • With his tats, he can be a spokesman for ink jet printers.
  • Kap’s kicks? Shoes that make you run really fast.
  • How about his own call-in show? He can call it the Colin Show.
  • A tattoo removal company?

But clearly, the tattoos are part of the man. They are mostly biblical scripture for a player whose prayers are clearly being answered.

But which company will get the right answer and score that big get, marketing heaven with big No. 7?

You can tattoo this next fact: Kaepernick’s agent told Forbes Magazine, win or lose come Sunday, Colin will be at the Super Bowl next month with his marketing agent talking with more than a few big-name companies.


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