Today, Little Joe is out sick, so Craig has the reigns as producer.
Don gives us a Here We Buy update, and the guys talk about the Kings a bit, before Don plays a clip of Pat Robertson describing an “awful looking woman” who needs to fix herself up.

Don then gives Little Joe a call to tell him that apparently the broadcast isn’t getting through to Reno, and to let him know that Craig is already screwing things up. After discussing East Coast Bob’s Twitter trolling yesterday, the guys play the “Greatest Sports Players By Numbers” game, and Don plays the new 1140/Kings promo that Rosie put together.

We also hear about a website that claims the Sandy Hook tragedy was a hoax, and that the a-hole that created the site is harassing a neighbor of the school who helped out 6 terrified kids who came to his house. Don gets the number of the neighbor from Little Joe and leaves a nice voice mail telling him how much he appreciated him. Don then says a prayer, asking God to kill the a-hole who created the site (and asks for a few other things as well).

We also see a new educational film titled “Better Use Of Leisure Time,” before the guys get a visit from comedian Doug Benson. Doug, who will be performing at the Punchline in Sac Sunday and Monday, talks about his podcast, his love for weed, and how it enhances his creativity, his movie “Super High Me,” and Don asks him if he can steal one of the games he plays on his podcast.

After another phone scan, it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Chip Kelly leaves Oregon to head coach in Philly, actor Conrad Bain passes away at 89, Obama’s gun control proposal, and Katherine Webb gets a gig with “Inside Edition” in Louisianna for the Super Bowl. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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