MANTECA (CBS13) – Residents at a messy Manteca mobile home park were given a deadline by the owner to leave, but several are sticking around.

We introduced you Betty Tankersley last week when Sleepy Hollow mobile home park owner threatened to tow trailers within five days.

“Well, it’s nerve-wracking you know,” Betty said.

She’s scrambling to leave the place she’s called home for decades.

“Well, it’s in such bad shape and every day new people come in,” she said. “I don’t want to stay here no more.”

The few neighbors like Betty who say they pay rent amid of sea of squatters plan on riding it out. That’s because they say the owner hasn’t handled the situation properly.

“He can’t just come in here with a bunch of tow trucks and start towing people out,” one resident said.

Since state inspectors came knocking last week armed with health and safety code-violation notices, some neighbors have cleaned up. They hope to correct state health and safety code violations.

“We’ve cleaned that lot up,” said Ken Burns, who is helping the owner.

Neighbors say some of the squatters have packed up, leaving behind previously abandoned trailers. But others who wouldn’t talk to us on camera are still living there.

“They got a few of them out, the bigger problem ones, but all on all everyone sticks together,” Burns said.

While some tenants have moved on, others vow to stay until served with formal eviction notices and someone forces them out.


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