SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Across the country, thousands rallied in support of the Second Amendment, and hundreds turned out in Sacramento at the State Capitol, protesting against stricter gun control measures.

The “Guns Across America” rallies were organized on social media by people wanting to protect their right to bear arms. They hope by standing together, their voices will be heard.

“Our voices are loud and we will not go away,” protestor Daniel Silverman said.

Gun advocates united on the west steps of the Capitol with passionate opinions on President Obama’s gun control proposal.

“The approach is all wrong. You don’t take guns away from law abiding citizens,” gun rights advocate Caroline Brooks said.

“It’s not the guns that kill people, it’s the people who kill people,” gun owner Lori Welsch said.

Welsch is a proud registered gun owner and wants to keep it that way.

“I don’t want to see my rights taken away and I don’t want them to confiscate my guns,” she said.

So Welsch stood up for her rights, with the support of her grandchildren.

“I want them to understand what is going on. This is definitely history. This is history in the making,” said Welsch.

Gun dealer Alexander Vasquez says the government needs to change who’s having the discussion.

“We can’t sell to bad guys; we don’t want to sell to bad guys,” he said. “They haven’t really invited the gun dealers to the table and we have our solutions also.”

Vasquez says, instead of gun control, lawmakers should be looking at adding armed security to schools.

“We have security in government buildings like (the Capitol), the kids are just as valuable as the politicians,” he said.

Others rallying suggest background checks to prevent guns from getting in the hands of the mentally unstable.

“Why not start teaching people gun safety like we used to,” gun owner Mike School said. “I grew up around guns, I never shot anybody.”

Gun dealers also say they’re seeing a dramatic rise in gun sales because people are afraid of losing their Second Amendment rights.


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