SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It was a nail-biter game until the very end. The 49ers came back from an early 17 to nothing deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, and advance to the Super Bowl.

That energy was felt 3,000 miles away in the Central Valley. Cheers were so loud when 49ers won, you could hear them outside of the midtown bars.

Even though it was a close game for awhile, fans say they never doubted the 49ers would pull off a win.

“I’m absolutely pumped; I’m absolutely stoked. It’s just like we won the cup. We’re going to the Super Bowl,” said one excited fan.

It was a sea of scarlet red and glimmering gold at MVP’s Sports Grill in Sacramento. Cheers for the San Francisco 49ers and their star quarterback, a local boy out of Turlock, were so loud you could hear them down the block.

Fans were ecstatic over the 28 to 24 win, and yet another 49er trip to the Super Bowl, something that hasn’t happened since the 90’s.

“I love it, and we’re there, six times,” said another fan.

But even with the win, the game against the Atlanta Falcons was close, and for a lot of it, the 49ers were playing catch up.

“I told them from the beginning, we were down 17-nothing, we were gonna win that ball game,” a cheering fan said.

The 49ers will play the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII, or, as fans are calling it, the HarBowl. It won’t just be a battle between the East and West Coast. The coaches are brothers, making for some intense sibling rivalry.

“Even though they are brothers, I hope the Niners win,” said one woman.

Until then, these 49ers fans say they’ll be riding the wave of Sunday’s win, the team’s ticket to the big game.

“We’re going to the Super Bowl baby. That’s all we need to know; see you in two weeks,” said one very happy fan.

In two Sundays from now, the 49ers will play the Baltimore Ravens on CBS13, where we will have team coverage of the big game from New Orleans and San Francisco.


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