PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) – San Francisco 49ers fans in Placer County could be a part of something big coming to Northern California.

“I’m a football widow,” said one woman.

She is one of many wives who have lost their husbands to 49ers fever.

“It’s hard to think during the whole week, constantly hoping they win and everything,” said Joe Leonor.

Now there’s a place where fans and their spouses can watch the games, cheer the victories, and share the sorrow.

“I love it,” said Tricia Pickarel, who started the Placer County Chapter of the Niner Empire. “I’m so excited. When the Seahawks lost, I was bummed, because I really wanted to go to the stick and be with my whole Niner Empire family.”

It’s a Niner empire. There are chapters all over. There was a launch party Sunday for the gold rush chapter in Placer County.

“It’s exciting though to see everyone come together as family; it’s what the whole Niner Empire is about,” said Leonor.

The Placerville chapter is already reconnecting high school friends.

“We grew up watching the Niners, their dynasty back in the 80s. We reconnected and this is our thing to do,” said Jose Santana.

They also bring back players who used to spend a good amount of time in Rocklin.

“I used to come here every summer for 15 years and practice at Sierra College when we had our training camp there,” said former player Jesse Sapolu.

Then there are the fans that go way back.

“I was born one, forever faithful. We would bar-b-que before all the playoff games down Mission Street for the cruise,” said fan John Fraumeni.

New to the empire, or a Niner fan from the beginning, everyone is hoping for the same thing.

“We’re hungry, my appetite is ready for another Super Bowl,” said Fraumeni.

Another Super Bowl appearance is what these fans will get after the 49ers beat the Atlanta Falcons Sunday.


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