WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Justin Sellers was arrested Saturday in West Sacramento for evading police. CBS13 tracked down his local address, and as we went to ask neighbors about him, were met with a soggy reception.

Anjali: Sir? Will you just answer my questions?

Neighbor: Ahh…no.

Anjali: Why not?

Neighbor: I’m washing my motorcycle here so you guys want to watch out here? (starts spraying) Sorry!

Anjali: Excuse me! Are you really spraying us with water? Wow, OK, thanks a lot.

Nobody answered the door when we went to Justin Sellers’ home in the Riva condo complex in West Sacramento on Monday, but his neighbor had no problem spraying us with a hose when we just tried to ask him some questions.

Neighbor: You gotta go!

Anjali: Alright, thank you. Come on dude, I already took a shower, thanks.

Police arrested Sellers over the weekend after a short police chase. They say he’s been terrorizing this neighborhood lately, speeding down the narrow streets even when children are playing nearby.

“I just saw a motorcycle just zoom past when I was coming to the car,” said a child. “I thought that he was going way too fast and he should slow down before he hits somebody.”

But each time the police came out, they say the ball player would be long gone.

“And you can hear him blocks away. He’ll pop wheelies down here probably 50 miles an hour. It’s not the first time. He’s been doing it for months,” said a resident.

During a ride last weekend, police were finally able to box the ball player into a perimeter, and he finally gave up.

“I’m happy that he’s not speeding through here anymore, that’s all that I care about,” said a resident. “I could care less who he is as a person.”

Sellers was charged with reckless driving and evading police. Officers also impounded his motorcycle.


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