The day starts with Don’s story about Janet finding two garbage bags full of dildos in her hotel room. The guys then talk about the Kings being sold to Seattle, and the press conference with Mayor KJ this afternoon, in which he’ll present some local investors who are trying to keep in Sacramento. We also get a visit from comedian and Roast Master General Jeffrey Ross. Jeff talks about his show “The Burn,” which airs another new episode tonight on Comedy Central at 10 pm, Talks about the bits he does on the show, including “Speed Roasting,” the “Roaster Coaster,” and “Too Soon.” He also tells us which of his comedy friends will be making appearances on the show.

After Jeff, Don talks about our first bowling match against the listeners this Thursday in Rocklin, before Drew gives us a recap of his visit to Vacaville, to hang out with Craig and his crew for the Niner game, but more importantly, to meet Craig’s friend Maria. Drew tells us all about the shenanigans the Harless crew got into, Craig’s girlfriend Paris driving Craig up the wall, and even meeting Grandma Bev! Don then calls Maria to get her take on the day, and finds out why she passed out in her car that evening.

We then get a visit from FOX NFL’s rules analyst Mike Pereira, Mike goes over some of the controversial plays from Sunday’s Conference Championship games. After another phone scan, we hear a few clips from yesterday’s inauguration, and then it’s time for “Phantom News.” Today, Mark Paul Gosselaar hints at a “Saved By The Bell” reunion, Katherine Webb will be on “Celebrity Diving,” Arnold’s new movie flops at the box office, and Sheryl Crow knew Lance was doping. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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