The new dresser Brooke McAllister bought for her daughter Emma was installed the wrong way, she said, and the store wouldn’t return her calls.

McAllister bought it from American Furniture Galleries in August.

She was happy with the delivery time but not the installation she paid for.

The installers told her they didn’t have the right drawer handles for her $395 dresser, she said.

“It just doesn’t look right,” McAllister said.”

And she’s tired of waiting.

“There’s no followup, there’s doesn’t seem to be any kind of accountability at all,” she said.

Emma’s new dresser is now left with drill holes through the front of the bottom drawers.

“It looks tacky,” McAllister said. “It does.”

The store promised to order new handles right away, but then wouldn’t return her calls, she said.

And they don’t remember her when she calls back.

“It does sound petty to go after handles, but it’s something that they promised,” she said. “It’s a service that they gave.”

She couldn’t get an answer, but CBS13 did right away.

The store said the handles were right, but the installers put them in the wrong places — leaving some drawers with those exposed drill holes.

“It just doesn’t seem reasonable,” said Gary Almond of the Better Business Bureau.

Almond said if customers pay for installation on furniture and it’s installed wrong, the company has to fix it — or customers can contest that charge on their credit card and get their money back.

“If they paid the retailer to have it installed, then [the retailer] is responsible,” he said.

American Furniture Galleries agreed to deliver a whole new dresser, but McAllister said it’s too little too late — she won’t shop there again.

“I’m just sorry we had to wait so long to get something that seems to be so simple,” she said.

American Furniture Galleries couldn’t explain why they didn’t fix this before we got involved, but told us they’ve corrected the problem with their installers and it won’t happen again.


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