The day begins with a recap of Mayor Kevin Johnson’s press conference yesterday, in which he brought in 20 investors, each bringing in a million dollars, to keep the Kings in Sacramento. The major investors, or “whales,” as they’ve been called, have yet to be announced, and Don tells us why he thinks the term “whale” shouldn’t be used by us. After talking a bit about the negotiations going on, and Don tells us about the interview he gave a Seattle reporter yesterday about the effort to keep the Kings, Don pulls out the garbage bag of dildos that Janet found in an L.A. hotel room over the weekend, some not yet opened, some appear to be opened. the guys play with them a bit, and then Don calls Janet to have her tell us how she found the toys.

After Don gives away Kings tickets to a 470 lb man, we hear a clip from the late Earl Weaver’s post game TV show “Manager’s Corner,” in which he goes off on viewers who mailed him questions. We also see a video from a Dr. Shulze, who spends a lot of time talking about bowel movements. The guys then do another phone scan, Drew bitches at 49er fans, and Don tells a few stories about his old buddy Dick Van Patten, before Don gives Kings tickets to a felon, a black guy, an Asian, and a guy who’s half black, half white, looks Latino, and has a daughter who’s handicapped.

After we hear Shepard Smith’s “slavery” comment, Beyonce’s National Anthem at the Inauguration, which people say she lip synced, and clips from Jeff Ross’ “The Burn,” it’s time for “Phantom News.” Today, the voice of Charlie Brown is arrested for stalking, Qantis kicks a guy off their plane for wearing a “Princess Bride” t-shirt, and new movies in the works about Beach Boy Brian Wilson, and AC/DC’s Bon Scott. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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