SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A south Sacramento middle school girl was reportedly approached and grabbed by a man after being followed on her way to school on Thursday.

The incident happened in the Valley Hi area as the student walked to Samuel Jackman Middle School, which is at 7925 Kentwal Drive. The girl noticed a green van appeared to be following her on Armadale Way. A man called out to her and a passenger got out of the van and grabbed her by the arm, she said. The girl was able to break away and reported the incident to school officials.

The description of the van and occupants was similar to an incident reported by a Valley High School student on Wednesday. In that case, the driver made a “pssst” sound but didn’t get out of the van, the student reported.

Both schools are part of the Elk Grove Unified School District.

The green van is described as having no windows in the rear and a sliding door, with a dent in the driver’s door and a partial license plate of “3XE.”

Both men were described as being in their early 30s with dark skin. The driver reportedly has a scar on his right check and over his left eyebrow. The passenger in Thursday’s incident was said to be about 6-foot-3 with a goatee.

Samuel Jackman Principal Paul Burke wrote a letter to go home to parents on Thursday advising them of the incidents and offering safety tips for students walking to and from school. He also said the police presence would be increased in the coming days.


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