TURLOCK (CBS13) – Colin Kaepernick’s parents say all the attention hasn’t changed their son, but with his quick rise to fame, they have now forced into the spotlight.

“Yeah I still have a job last I checked. That one pays pretty well. This one doesn’t pay so good. I think every game we got closer to playoffs, it’s just ramped up,” Rick Kaepernick said of his son’s career.

Teresa and Rick were gracious enough to sit down with CBS13 to tell us about the small town boy who always had to be the best.

“We’re playing little league and Mrs. Kaepernick says ‘if you hit a double, I’ll get you some tennis shoes,’ ” said Rick.

“Well, he had been nagging me and wanting tennis shoes that I did not want to buy,” Teresa said. “Of course he gets a double, so he’s waving around dancing and pointing at his feet, and I’m going ‘oh no.’ ”

WATCH: Full Interview

They’ve been his biggest fans through little league, all sports at Pitman High School in Turlock and football at Nevada. Now as the 49ers starting quarterback, heading to the Super Bowl, mom and dad still think of him as their sweet, and at times silly, Colin.

“You know, he had brought another NFL player with him and its just fun to watch him because at end of the day, they might be 25 years old, but they’re still kids,” said Rick.

“Talking smack,” Teresa chimed in.

His parents say Colin couldn’t care less about the big money and fame of an NFL deal.

“I’m really proud of him because he’s still driving his college car,” said Rick. He hasn’t had that urge to buy a car yet, but that’s ok.”

Staying grounded, loyal to his family, friends, and hometown, there is no doubt you can tell where Colin gets his heart from.

“I think I want him to continue to be the person he is. Be true to yourself, don’t follow the path, and do the right thing,” Rick said.

“I just want him to be happy, continue doing what he’s doing, and maybe find a wife someday; but that’s down the road,” Teresa said.


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