Today on the Grant Napear Show, talk once again surrounded the Kings and their future in Sacramento. Grant discussed the news that Ron Burkle met with David Stern regarding keeping the team in Sacramento. Along with that, Grant took calls about the Burkle news as well as Super Bowl XLVII. Grant interviewed Scott Howard-Cooper, Tavares Gooden and Scott Brooks.

Scott Howard-Cooper from was on with Grant to discuss the Kings possible relocation and the efforts to keep the Kings in Sacramento. Scott broke the news that Ron Burkle met with David Stern on Thursday and said that this news doesn’t mean that Sacramento isn’t in control yet. He explains how it is still a big step forward for Kevin Johnson and the group trying to keep the Kings in Sacramento. Grant and Scott also discussed the possibility of an expansion team going to Seattle or coming to Sacramento.

Tavares Gooden of the San Francisco 49ers joined Grant today to discuss what the team has done in preparation for the Super Bowl. Tavares discussed playing against his former team, the Baltimore Ravens and how playing against them will help him compete. He also talked about Ray Lewis, the importance of having fun when you play football, and what the mindset is behind playing special teams in the NFL.

Scott Brooks, the head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder was on with Grant today. Coach Brooks discussed how teams get up to play the Thunder, and what the team does to motivate themselves as one of the best teams in the league. He also talked about what the Thunder have to do as a team to continue their success through an 82-game season.


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