SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – When it comes to being a new dad, there is one man that is the go-to guru.

He’s been called a daddy life saver, known as “Daddy Nickell,” and is a father of seven, who gives advice to expecting dads.

Entrepreneur dad Robert Nickell is helping new fathers all across the globe.

“The challenges that a new dad faces, they are scared to step in and take that first step over the threshold,” he said.

This dad is not only known for his blog, offering tips and advice to new dads, but he also invented daddy scrubs,” delivery room duds, and daddy gear for everyday wear with the baby.

“The daddy scrubs line is completely designed to make the dad feel proud,” said Nickell.

He’s been featured in every magazine imaginable, drawn attention from national television and now has celebrities sporting his scrubs.

“It is man-type products that dad would carry, that dad loves, that dad wants. We feel comfortable with our kids and our families. We’re the daddy and we feel proud to proclaim it,” said Nickell.

Forget baby showers, he also started a new trend.

“A ‘dachelor party’ is something, basically it could be anything from going out golfing with your friends to playing Texas hold ‘em, or skeet shooting, or fishing,” Nickell said. “The whole concept is saying for the next three to four months ‘I am in lockdown, cause I need to take care of my wife and my baby.’ ”

As for helping new dads, some say his daddy line is a must when it comes to bringing in that new bundle of joy into the world.

“When you can get the dad in the uniform, he is ready to jump in and the best way to get the dad involved is to be totally there with his wife when that baby first comes out,” said Nickell.


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