The week begins with some bowling talk, as Don solicits challengers to come out and bowl against the guys on the show out at Strikes in Rocklin. We then hear that today is “National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day,” and in honor of the day, Don has brought a giant roll of bubble wrap from his house, to wrap Craig up in.

Don then tells us about his weekend, including his haircut on Friday, where his stylist Orlando told Don a story about Liza Minelli (who Orlando is friends with), Paul Williams, and Peter Lawford, trying to score cocaine in Philadelphia. We also hear about their night at Thunder Valley on Saturday, where a guy at the blackjack table Don was at got beat up by his wife. We also hear that Don’s next door neighbor took a bullet for Don yesterday, going to the Home & Garden show with Janet, and being stuck with her for hours on end.

It’s then time to wrap Craig up. Drew and Phantom cut strips of the bubble wrap, and place them in different areas on Craig, creating a bubble suit. The guys all then take turns hitting Craig with a wiffle bat, which doesn’t hurt Craig at all! They then lay down the incapacitated Craig, and try rolling him down the hallway, before taking him outside to lay in front of G.M. Steve’s parking space. Steve then arrives while the guys are all outside, and walks right by, as if he wants absolutely nothing to do with it! Craig also takes a flying body press from sweaty Sean, water in the face from Deuce Mason, a few pictures with receptionist Angie (who was the only person who helped him), and a few kicks from a listener. Craig even takes a 20 minute power nap on the sidewalk, because the bubble suit is so comfy!

After another phone scan, Craig manages to waddle his way back into the studio, and we hear Gary Busey tell us how to have sex with an innertube, before it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Phantom tells us that rapper Rick Ross was targeted in a drive by, Larry “Sugarfoot” Bonner has passed away at the age of 69, last night’s SAG Awards winners, and Dr. Phil will interview Ronaiah Tuiasosopo this week. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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