DAVIS (CBS13) – Before two 49ers coaches were headed to the Super Bowl, they started off their careers in Davis.

Paul Wulff, a Davis High School football player in the 80s, has had quite a career; and its greatest moment will be seen by millions Super Bowl Sunday.

“Knowing Paul, he’s itching to play but coaching is his passion,” said Marc Hicks.

Hicks showed us their yearbooks when he and Wulff were Davis high’s star athletes.

“We knew in the ninth grade that Paul, it was a given, he was bigger than the rest of us, strong and he was self motivated,” said Hicks.

Wulff went on to play and later coach at Washington State. Now in his rookie year with the 49ers, he’s their senior offensive coach.

A former football player for the Aggies is also Super Bowl-bound, and he credits a lot of his skills to his training at UC Davis.

Ejiro Evero credits UC Davis Coach Bog Biggs for getting him the job with the 49ers as their new offensive assistant.

After five years at the university, he volunteered at Davis High, where former varsity Coach Jim Johnson says they were lucky to have such a great role model.

“He didn’t expect to get paid. He was just, you know, ‘can I please coach?’ We’re like, ‘yeah, you can surely do that,’ ” said Johnson.

“Everything he did was based on hard work and successful because of it,” said David Blackwell.

That hard work is now paying off.

“We were lucky to have him, thrilled to death he’s coaching the 49ers in the Super Bowl,” said Johnson. “Good luck coach EJ.”

Even with the Davis to 49ers connection, not everyone loves the red and gold.

“I love watching the 49ers, but I’m a raider fan so I will say that out loud, and probably get yelled at and hackled later,” said Hicks.

However, even though Hicks isn’t a 49ers fan, he still will be rooting for his former teammate.


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