Today, Don tells us about the crazy guy at the gas station that was accusing a soccer mom of stealing a goat, and Don of actually killing his goat! He then interviews NFL great Herm Edwards, who’s in New Orleans for the Super Bowl. Herm talks about who he likes in the Super Bowl, how the game is evolving, and the madness at radio row. After hearing about a Hayward, CA couple that got scammed out of $6K by a guy on Craigslist claiming to have Super Bowl tickets, Don tries a new game called “Breaking News,” in which listeners have to break things over the phone to win. When the phones crap out, Don smashes an HD radio on the air, and then calls Janet to have her break some fluorescent light bulbs in their side yard.

We then hear about weird things you can bet on for the Super Bowl, and Charles Barkley doing a weather report for a Phoenix news station, before another phone scan, and the “Phantom News.” Today, Phantom tells us that Ravens QB Joe Flacco thinks a Super Bowl in New Jersey next year is “retarded,” Jamie Lynn Sigler is going to marry Lenny Dykstra’s boy, Taco Bell pulls an “anti-vegetable” ad, and Barbara Walters has the chicken pox. and of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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