Winds today in northern California are light and variable. There had been gusts as we had been on a ridge of high pressure, but we’re now under the ridge and expect things to get milder.

Heading inland, there’s very cold weather from the rockies to the east coast that’s pushing a band of thunderstorms with it. The rain storms are not severe, but in places like New Orleans, they’re getting some steady rain fall. Gusty weather will continue through the day in the Big Easy.

In the Sacramento Valley, weather will be quiet for the rest of the week, with lots of sun. Temperatures will get up to 63 on Wednesday with “The big 60s” – the mid 60’s — later this week. We’re seeing warmer-than-normal temperatures for this time of year. It’ll get up to 50 South Lake Tahoe.

Low temperature overnight will dip down to 37 degrees, back up to the low 60s for the rest of the week.


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