SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Super Bowl wish has come true for a local boy who is battling brain cancer.

A white stretch limo dropped off the Morris family at Sac International Airport on Wednesday for their flight to New Orleans.

Dominik Morris, 12, of Roseville is Super Bowl-bound to see his San Francisco 49ers face the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

“It’s fabulous that I get to go,” he said. “It’s very cool that I get to go with my family all together to do it.”

Dominik’s wish was granted through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“I was shocked,” said Dominik’s dad, Steve. “I had no idea whether or not they could do it, but here we are going to the Super Bowl.”

Dominik was diagnosed with brain cancer 18 months ago.

“It was hard to go through the surgery,” he said.

He’s had to endure two brain surgeries.

“They were very risky, and it was very difficult time,” said his mother, Claudia. “Luckily the second one went very well.”

Doctors have told Steve and Claudia that things look bright for Dominik.

“It’s good that the doctors have medication I can use to fix the brain cancer and check up on it,” Dominik said.

His parents are thrilled he’s well enough to make the trip.

“This is a dream, this is a lifetime dream, for him. He’ll never forget that. He couldn’t stop smiling the last week, counting down the days,” Claudia said.


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