SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The search is on for the driver in a deadly double hit-and-run. Witnesses say the person responsible never even hit the brakes.

“It’s really sad. Never saw nothing like that in my life,” a witness said, who wished to remain unnamed.

Sitting in his garage, the man saw the whole thing.

” ‘Man, I’m not playing with you so and so,’ a lot of cursing and yelling,” the witness said.

Two men hopped out of a truck with fists flying in South Sacramento around 2:45 a.m. Friday on 24th Street near Kenworthy Way.

“They was fighting; I don’t know what it’s about,” the witness said.

It was a fight that spilled from the sidewalk and out into the street.

“You know how you grab somebody and you both fall to the ground, and the truck come and bam, I could hear the impact when the truck hit them,” the witness said.

Out of nowhere, he says, a different white pickup truck drove up and ran the men over, killing them both. The driver didn’t slow down, much less stop.

“I know the person, whoever driving the truck, knew they hit somebody,” the witness said. “Ain’t see no brake lights.”

Sacramento police aren’t sure if the driver knew either of the men fighting in the street.

The truck is described as a late-2000s white Chevy Silverado with a red or orange “Z-71” emblem on the side.

“Please just help find the person that did this; that’s not right,” Alaniah Wiley said.

Though, she says, she doesn’t know the victims, she wants justice. In part it is because her little sister was killed the same way.

“She was nothing but 7 years old, a hit-and-run. That’s why I’m so passionate, dedicated to this, because they never found out who killed my sister,” said Wiley.

The witness we spoke to says he believes he recognized that truck. He thinks it may belong to someone who lives in the neighborhood, but so far no arrests have been made.

One man died in the street and the other at a nearby hospital. One of the victims has been identified as 40-year-old Richard Mark Anthony of Sacramento.

Investigators are hoping someone will come forward with details to help them.


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