The day begins with an interview with one of Don’s oldest buddies, James Brown from the NFL on CBS. JB, who is calling from New Orleans, talks about his week in the Big Easy preparing for the Super Bowl, and discusses everything Super Bowl, including Beyonce singing the Anthem, the Harbaugh’s, and what he thinks of both teams. He also tells us his vacation plans once the football season is over.

The guys then recap yesterday’s bowling fun at Strikes in Rocklin, and we hear sounds from the day as well. We also hear about the guy Don saw in the bathroom who put his used toilet paper in the garbage, instead of flushing it in the toilet. After a lengthy discussion about the incident with callers, We get a visit from another good buddy of ours, Frank Caliendo. Frank, who’s also down in New Orleans, talks about his best and worst experiences on Radio Row this week, Adam Shefter giving him pointers on imitating Adam Schefter, and what he has planned for ESPN’s Super Bowl Countdown.

After Frank, the great interviews continue with a visit from another one of Don’s old friends, Bobcat Goldthwait. Bob is performing at Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale this weekend, and talks about violence in movies, opening for Nirvana, and being friends with Kurt Cobain, and the new movies he’s working on, including a musical in the works with The Kinks’ Ray Davies.

After Bobcat, our friend Bobby Slayton also stops by. Bobby’s in Reno, performing at the Pioneer Underground, and talks about the last time he saw Doni, at the Punchline in Sac, as well as why you probably won’t see him on Jeffrey Ross’ “The Burn.” Then we get an in studio visit from comedian Carlos Mencia. Carlos, who is performing at Cache Creek this Saturday night, addresses the accusations that he steals jokes, getting into comedy as a kid, how he developed his style, and why there’s nothing he won’t joke about.

It’s then time for “Phantom News.” Today, Super Bowl commercials are leaking out already, and why Canadians don’t get to see the American commercials during the broadcast. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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