By Kurtis Ming

You may be a part of a lawsuit and not even know it. Rental car companies, Facebook, Chase Bank, and Carfax are all companies offering millions of dollars to keep lawsuits out of court. You may qualify for some settlement money.

Roommates, Chiara Adamo and Alexis Vierra play on a women’s football team, but they just discovered a playbook in consumerism. They’re checking out for the first time.

“I didn’t know this existed. This is pretty cool,” said Vierra.

“There’s a lot of stuff on here,” said Adamo.

It’s a website showing open class action settlements, with instructions on how to cash in.

Consumer Attorney Brooks Cutter says companies and lawyers involved in a class action suit have an obligation to track down affected consumers.

“Everybody in the class should get some form of notice,” said Cutter.

Often they send out postcards or emails, but you should also keep an eye out for notification elsewhere.

“In some cases where its very difficult to find the class members, it will just be an advertisement of some kind,” said Cutter.

After a quick search on Top Class Actions, Adamo and Vierra find a few settlements they may qualify for. The first, an EA video games settlement over price gouging claims.

“I know my boyfriend definitely has a few of the Madden NFL games,” said Vierra.

They also found Coppertone sunscreen is settling a suit over false advertising claims.

“It says waterproof right on there,” said Adamo, pointing to her bottle of sunscreen.

The roommates also found an organic milk lawsuit settlement, which claimed the milk was not organic.

And Groupon is settling a suit for allegedly breaking state laws. But Vierra thinks she may not have purchased a Groupon during the timeframe necessary to file a claim.

“It’s more been in the last year that I’ve used them,” said Vierra.

Between the two of them they may qualify for money in three settlements. And after tackling a few forms a few bucks may be thrown their way.

“It’s just extra spending money to go out, to eat, for gas, to put away, to save that you wouldn’t have earned otherwise,” said Adamo.

When a company settles a class action lawsuit, they pretty much always deny any wrong-doing. They pay the settlements to end the litigation. If you are eligible for a class action settlement it could be months or even years before you see the money, as many of these cases get tied up in court.


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