MODESTO (CBS13) – A 6-year-old Modesto boy made a dangerous discovery on Tuesday – a loaded handgun – but fortunately an adult was nearby and the child was unharmed.

“The thought they could just be lying around for kids to find is really scary” neighbor Jennifer Alaniz said.

Police say the 6-year-old boy picked up the loaded handgun Monday afternoon on Miller Street.

“A lot of crazy things happen in this neighborhood, so it doesn’t really surprise you after a while,” Charlie Dickerson said.

But for Sherika Thomas, a mother of two, it’s all just sad and scary.

“The kid probably would’ve played with it, shot it, you never know what could’ve happened,” she said.

Luckily cops say the young boy’s parent was outside while he was playing and called 911 after taking the Smith and Wesson revolver out of his tiny hands.

“A million terrible things could’ve happened,” Alaniz said. “I’m just thankful nothing did actually.”

Modesto police took the gun for evidence but haven’t released any information on it.

“A lot of kids in this neighborhood know what’s up with guns because of how this neighborhood can be at times,” Dickerson said.


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