The day starts with Slow Joe’s prank call to KNCI’S Pat and Tom across the hall, in which he requested rock songs on the country station. We then hear about Don and Phantom’s meeting yesterday with G.M. Steve and one of the station’s sponsors, before Don tells us about the interview he started yesterday with a radio publication. This gets him talking about his love for Mike O’Meara, his co host from the old Don and Mike Show. After hearing Janet’s recording of Don’s snoring last night, Don calls a guy who has a very special antique: a letter written in 1922 by the Imperial Wizard of the KKK. Don thinks it would be a lovely gift for Craig.

After another epic phone scan, we hear a few clips, including the NFL control room during the Super Bowl blackout, why Bill Maher is being sued by Donald Trump, and a story out of Fresno involving a homeless surfer, and a guy who thinks he’s Jesus. It’s then time, in honor of National Pancake Day, for another edition of “Can I Have A Bite Of That Please?” This time, Slow Joe gets sent to the IHOP down the street, and immediately gets kicked out by the manager! After Don calls up the store to tell the manager what’s going on, he agrees to let Slow back in to finish the bit.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Today, a man gets arrested for having sex with a horse, because he wanted a centaur, Governor Rick Perry is running ads trying to lure California businesses to Texas, Kristen Wiig will appear in the Anchorman sequel, and the Super Bowl is one of the top 5 highest rated TV shows of all time. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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