MODESTO (CBS13) – For the past two years Marge the Mannequin has attracted customers to the EZ Cash Gold Shop in Modesto, but now she’s missing and the business desperately wants her back.

Customers miss the “Gold Girl” as well.

“She’s beautiful,” Jewelvette Holmes said. “She cheers me up because she just wiggles that sign out here.”

Missing Mannequin

Sometime on Jan. 27 at least one thief unstrapped the mechanical mannequin from her platform outside the small business on G Street.

“We don’t think she went willingly,” store owner Kit Jorey said. “She was carried off or maybe even thrown into a car.”

Owners have discovered a couple of clues.

“We did find one of her shoes and someone came in and turned in her gold outfit a few days later,” Jorey said.

The store has been in business for two years. Gold Girl is the only marketing tool, and she wasn’t inexpensive.

“They are several thousand dollars,” Jorey said. “It’s a big investment.”

That’s why owners are going all out to find the mascot. Fliers have been put up around town and online. The “missing person” poster is on Craigslist and Facebook.

She’s described as 26 years old, 5-foot-6 (or 5-10 in high heels), 125 pounds, with blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Owners say they have an idea who may be behind the theft.

“We kind of expect it may be one of our competitors that are jealous of the rates we pay,” Jorey said. “We have a feeling they had something to do with it.”

Customers are hopeful Gold Girl will return to her post soon.

“I hope somebody has the decency to bring her back,” Holmes said. “I miss her being out here.”

The shop owners are offering a reward for the mannequin’s return.


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