SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A pawn shop owner was shot in the face and somehow survived. Now, he’s speaking out for the first time; and making a promise to his family to never reopen his store.

CBS13 first met Jessie Figueroa when his store M & J Gun Trade was receiving criticism from community members as it was getting ready to open in midtown Sacramento last June.

“I was very lucky,” said Figueroa.

Now, he’s alive after being shot through the face. Suffering major injuries, Figueroa is incredibly positive.

“I have my life and my family, and the rest of it is workable. Everything is workable and possible,” he said.

The father and husband ran La Paloma Cash & Loan on 16th Street for almost 10 years when two gunmen walked into the shop about two weeks ago, robbed his store, and then one of the robbers opened fire.

“I was shot below the eye, and it came out through my left ear,” said Figueroa.

That bullet, which came out his neck, amazingly missed his spine and brain. However, it shattered his face, which was put back together with surgeries.

He didn’t want to talk about the incident, but rather his gratitude for his support.

“Every part of my family, they kept me alive,” said Figueroa.

It’s for his family that he’s decided his shop will remain closed for good.

“It’s not worth it for my kids and my family, for them to go through it,” he said.

The danger now is too real. It’s a decision that nearby business owners like Michael Sampino understand.

“Sad to see him go, and anything I can do to help him and his family I will,” said Sampino.

Figueroa now focused on recovery, and hopeful the robbers are apprehended.

“I hope they catch, and I hope they put them in their place. That way they don’t do any damage to anybody else,” said Figueroa.

The suspects were seen driving a late model silver Chevy Impala with a black bumper.


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