WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A 13-year-old was caught selling cannabis cookies to classmates and now is learning a tough lesson with the law.

Those cookies were given to students at an elementary school. Now, West Sacramento police are investigating.

Parents told CBS13 they received a call from the school about what happened. Needless to say, they’re concerned.

It’s a high parents never want their kids to experience. West Sacramento police say a 13-year-old student at Southport Elementary brought the cookies to school, and sold them to another student, who then shared them with friends.

“I was like ‘oh my God.’ I got really upset,” said Rocio Mendoza, whose daughter attends Southport Elementary.

Mendoza’s daughter is in the first grade; and she worries what would have happened if her little girl had gotten a hold of one of the cannabis cookies.

“I was really concerned. My kid goes here, so she’s a baby. She doesn’t know what that is. So if she see’s a cookie, ‘I’m going to eat it,’ ” said Mendoza.

Many who live nearby wonder whether the 13-year-old made the marijuana cookies from scratch, or if the process is too sophisticated for a teen.

“So who made them? Kids don’t bake very easily,” said Scott Betz, who lives near the school.

The teen was arrested; and investigators turned the child over to the parents. Still, whether he learns a real-life lesson remains to be seen.

“That would be the parents responsibility to step in and find out what they’re children are doing,” said Debbie Cummins. “Being nosey with their child is probably really important.”

According to police, the teen got the pot-laced cookies from home; but are still trying to figure out how he got hold of them in the first place.

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