ATWATER (CBS13) – A pricey milkshake led to a shake, rattle and rant for one man. He isn’t just any man, but a city leader.

“He was just throwing the f-bombs and pretty much everything else,” Fosters Freeze employee Liliana Gracian said.

It is certainly the talk of the town. Witnesses say the mayor pro tem was so mad about having to spend $7 on a milkshake, he started cursing and nearly got into a fight.

It is behavior you wouldn’t expect from anyone, much less an elected official.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I’d think being a mayor you’d have more manners,” said Gracian.

She says Atwater Mayor Pro Tem Craig Mooneyham blew his stack when she served up a $7 banana shake.

Witnesses say he swore he was being overcharged for extra toppings and flavors.

“He raised this thing all the way up and he was really angry, and was like ‘you’re stealing from me,” said Gracian.

She says she could smell alcohol on his breath. Witnesses say when another customer told Mooneyham to cool it, he challenged him to a fight.

“’Hey man, just leave her alone. She’s just doing her job.’ Then he started getting up in his face; literally, right up in his face,” witness Kat Blake said.

Blake says Mooneyham drove off and was tracked down by police at his home. They knocked on the door, and when he opened it, Mooneyham was wearing a t-shirt and boxers. He asked police what was going on, and then he asked them if he could go inside and get some pants.

Police say he came back out for a minute fully-dressed, and then Mooneyham said he had to take a phone call. He went back inside and locked the door, refusing to come back out and take a sobriety test.

Mooneyham filed papers to run for district supervisor next year, and told the local paper he believes the allegations are politically motivated.

“I honestly don’t think so because I didn’t even know who it was,” said Blake. “To find out that’s who it was it was upsetting because I don’t want someone like that representing our county.”

Mooneyham is facing a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace.

We went to Mooneyham’s home and knocked on the door to get his side of the story, but nobody answered.


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