The day begins with Don’s visit to the acupuncturist yesterday, in which he managed to keep his gastrointestinal fortitude under control, but still was relaxed as ever. We then hear that G.M. Steve bought $1500 in tickets for tomorrow night’s #HereWeBuy game, so Don calls in Sweaty Sean and Ron Ron from promotions, and sends them to Bella Bru in Natomas to give the tickets away to lucky listeners. We then hear about the gift bag Don got from Secrets Boutique yesterday, which included a “Swinger’s Directory,” full of ads for people looking to swing freaky with others. Don decides to call up a few of the featured numbers in the catalog, before Mark S. Allen from Good Day Sacramento comes in to talk to Don about who he thinks will win the Grammy’s.

After Mark, we get an in studio visit from the Sacred City Roller Derby Girls. The ladies talk to the guys about the sport of roller derby, how competitive it can get, and how tough these girls really are. A few of them even try to arm wrestle Craig and Drew (try to). We then get a call from Don’s old buddy, FOX Sports’ Gus Johnson. Gus talks about getting into calling soccer games, doing college football for FOX this past year, and why he’s still single. Sean and Ron then call in from Bella Bru, and Don talks to the lucky listeners who got free tickets to tomorrow’s Kings game.

We then get an in studio visit from comedian Erik Griffin. Erik , who will be performing at Sacramento’s Punchline all this weekend, talks with the guys about being on Workaholics, getting into comedy, how social media has affected comedy, his worst experience onstage, and why people are failures. It’s then time for “Phantom News.” Today, movies that come out this weekend, Marilyn Manson has recovered from his onstage collapse, Regis may host a show on FOXSports 1, and couples who drink similar amounts of alcohol tend to divorce less often. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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