DAVIS (CBS13) – Some neighbors in Davis are sleeping with one eye open after a rash of burglaries in the normally quiet city.

Since Jan. 1, there have been 41 reports of burglaries. That averages out to about one a day.

CBS13’s Nick Janes spoke with one resident on Monday about her family’s close call.

Joanne was working in the office and her son was in the bathroom. Everyone else was building a trampoline in the backyard. Just a quiet Sunday afternoon.

“So I was sitting at the computer working on some airline reservations, and my son asked for my help so I walked out of this room,” she said.

It was the shock of a lifetime. As she got to the doorway, a strange man darted from her home, slamming the front door and leaving Joanne with only a glimpse of his back.

“I think the fact that my son’s voice alerting him that there were people here (spooked the thief),” she said. “We got very lucky because we had an iPad sitting out.”

She wasn’t the only one targeted, either. Four break-ins were reported Sunday, three clustered in the same south Davis neighborhood.

“Yeah, it’s not like Davis at all,” neighbor Nancy Miller said. “Of course I’m concerned. Do you know what’s being done about it?”

We posed the question to Davis police. After all, 41 residential burglaries have been reported citywide since the new year.

A burglary a day, is that unusually high?

“It’s not necessarily,” Lt. Paul Doroshov said. “These things go in waves; they’re up and down.”

Cops have stepped up patrols in hard-hit areas, and they’re reminding residents to “lock your doors and windows please,” Doroshov said.

Joanne promises she’s learned her lesson. From now on, her front door will always be locked.

“I felt very safe here and I guess that’s a false sense of security at times,” she said.


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