SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The proposal of a halfway house in south Sacramento has some citizens concerned, claiming it will increase the crime rate in the already crime-ridden area.

A plan is in the works to turn a rundown apartment complex into a home for federal prisoners. If approved, the center would be on Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard in the Lemon Hill neighborhood.

“We have too much crime here. Every night, it’s gunshots,” said resident Reggie Gilbert.

Like most neighbors in the area, Gilbert is used to a lot of crime and is not happy about a plan to bring dozens of felons to the area.

“No, not here, no, no; anywhere else,” said Gilbert. “We have enough problems — way more than enough.”

The plan would provide housing to 50 federal felons who are in the process of being paroled.

“Everything that happens over there affects our side over here too,” said resident Janell Schindler.

Schindler, who lives just on the other side of Highway 99 from the complex, is also upset. She’s been spending most of her day preparing petitions. She insists along with others that bringing parolees to a place already plagued with drugs and crime makes no sense.

“You’re telling me you’re going to have these people rehabilitated in an area where they have access to these things?” she asked.

With one of the highest crime rates in the area, the center would likely be staffed 24 hours. However, it’s not a prison.

“They’re allowed to come and go from the property,” said Schindler.

They could be walking the neighborhood streets in an area fighting an uphill battle against crime.

“It is getting worse; it’s become a dumping ground,” said Schindler.

CBS13 reached out to the owner of the apartment complex and reached out to the company interested in purchasing the complex, but they have not yet responded.


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