Grant started off his show after a long trip to Memphis. He talked to fans about the here we buy Saturday night game and how electrifying it was. Grant also talked about having another here we buy night soon,so fans can show there support again.

Grant Interviewed Corliss Williamson, getting his thoughts about the Kings fans and Saturdays game. Corliss remarked on how great of an experience he had playing for the Kings and having such amazing fans. Corliss also talked about what coaches influenced him. He reflected on how great it was to play with Mitch Richmond . Grant also asked Corliss if he had any plans about coaching in the NBA at some point. During Grants Rant he talked about how stupid it was for the Eagles to resign Mike Vick for a year.

During the last part of Grants show he interviewed Eric Hasseltine the play by play commentator for the Memphis Grizzlies. Eric commented on the progress of the Grizzlies and how they were improving with Tayshaun Prince. Grant asked Eric who the best team in the West is, which Eric thought was the San Antonio Spurs.


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