GALT (CBS13) – The cruise ship stranded in the Gulf of Mexico is being towed to dry land after an engine fire Sunday cut the ship’s power about 150 miles from shore, stranding the vessel.

Fights over food, few working toilets, and sweltering temperatures in the cabins are just some of the horror stories coming from people on board the Carnival cruise ship.

CBS13 spoke to one local man whose wife and relatives are stranded at sea.

The cruise vacation turned mid-sea nightmare for Chuck Pringle’s wife and his in-laws. Four thousand people on board are expected to deboard Thursday, three days late.

Chuck says Carnival crews told him a fire in the engine room knocked out power and propulsion. The monster ocean liner is being towed to Mobile, Alabama with just emergency electricity, meaning no bathrooms, no showers, no refrigeration and little food.

Many passengers are sleeping on mattresses on the deck to avoid the heat and smell inside cabins.

The Galt resident says he only got 45 seconds on the phone with his wife.

“She mostly talked to my son, reassured him everything is fine, mommy loves him and she’ll be home soon,” he said.

Chuck expects the ship to arrive in Alabama between 2 and 6 p.m. on Thursday, then they will fly his wife and other relatives to Sacramento on Friday.

They will be reimbursed for all their costs except any money spent in the casino.

Still, he’s not thrilled with how the cruise line has handled the situation.

“I haven’t been happy with it,” he said. “Seems like they’re more interested in protecting their liability than providing information.”


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