SAN QUENTIN (CBS13) – “Speed Freak Killer” Wesley Shermantine has written another letter to CBS13’s Koula Gianulias over the search for his victims.

The FBI has been digging for weeks at an abandoned well off Flood Road in the Linden area near where remains from teenage victims Joann Hobson and Kimberly Billy were found last year.

However, in his letter Shermantine continued to maintain the FBI is in the wrong spot.

Instead of the locations he pointed out when agents brought him out from death row at San Quentin, Shermantine says the FBI is probably searching somewhere else because agents are talking to someone else.

“Whoever this third party is that is giving the FBI all this BS information may be trying to clean up some murders of their own,” he wrote. “That’s the only reason why the FBI could be digging there.”

Shermantine also shared another theory: “Or, Herzog is not dead and is giving them the information.”

Loren Herzog is his former friend, also convicted in the serial killing spree. In January 2012, Herzog killed himself while out on parole. His death outside High Desert State Prison, where he was living as a recluse, was reported right after Shermantine started speaking out from death row, blaming Herzog for the crimes and making new allegations about who was killed and where they were buried.

In the envelope to CBS13, Shermantine included the business cards of two FBI agents he’s met with, saying he doesn’t need them anymore because he’s tired of trying to reach out to them.

In a statement, the FBI said Shermantine’s recollections have occasionally proved to be inaccurate and “only with thorough investigation and careful consideration of all information available have we been able to locate a site that offers the best chance of recovering victim remains.”


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