CALAVERAS COUNTY (CBS13) – A large cockfighting ring was busted up at a ranch in Calaveras County after neighbors noticed vehicles flocking to the home over the weekend.

Signs guided spectators to the back entrance of the sprawling ranch in the community of Burson.

A large garage, complete with a snack bar, is what investigators say was used for the sophisticated cockfighting ring.

Neighbors in the serene community first noticed cars clogging the streets

“They are new neighbors,” Pearl Regis said. “I haven’t even met them yet, so I didn’t know what was going on. The guy who maintains our driveway said there were a lot of cars there Friday night and I thought they were having a poker party or you know.”

But when the cars went from a few to about 40, some on the block called the sheriff’s department. Deputies checked out the scene Friday night.

They first spotted a man outside directing traffic. Once inside the large garage, deputies say a crowd of about 40 people started running away.

Two men were arrested for felony cockfighting and animal cruelty. Investigators found fighting cages, spurs, scissors and even the snack bar where food and alcohol was sold.

“Yeah, I’m glad they broke it up,” Regis said. “That’s not a nice thing.”

Neighbors suspect the operation had been going on for about six months.

Several people were cited for being at the cockfight and deputies arrested another man on drug charges.


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