We’re live at the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch!! All the fellas are hanging out with the legendary Dennis Hof, and his beautiful ladies! The morning starts with Slow Joe’s evening last night, in which he not only had a great evening with Veronica, but came walking in before the show as cool and relaxed as the guys have ever seen him. After doing some last minute setup with Steve the engineer, the guys meet Air Force Amy, hear about Drew getting the guys lost, and then talk to their good buddy Dennis Murphy, who will be getting down with Amy Page later on in the show.

We meet quite a few of the Bunny Babes this morning,as Don passes the wireless microphone around a bit, and we meet Angelina with the tattoo, Air Force Amy, and Drew’s favorite, Piper Rae. We then hear about Little Joe’s “Would You Rather?’ game he played with Slow, Phantom, and Craig on the way up, and then a few of the Bunnies get topless for all the guys. Don also talks to Richard, who’s in charge of media at the Bunny Ranch, and owns a pit bull that was owned by Michael Vick. Rich tells the guys about the lengths he went to to rescue the dog, and talks a bit about the atrocities that were performed on the dogs that Vick owned, and also tells us about confronting Vick with his dog at the Super Bowl a few years back.

Little Joe then introduces us to his buddy Chris, who came to hang out with us, and he had fun last night with a gorgeous lady named Sophia, who got the “Bellagio Effect” from Chris. Dennis Murphy then puts a condom on his nub, just to see if it fits. Dennis Hof sits in for a bit, and Don talks to him about Andy Kaufman and Bob Zmuda, who apparently was at the Ranch yesterday, but the guys missed him because Drew got them lost. Amy Page and Dennis Murphy then head back to their room to get ready, and Drew and Little Joe follow them in to commentate. When the deed begins, Drew and LJ get sick out of their minds! Dennis Hof then sends in Krissy Summers and Sadie Lee to join them. When Slow Joe comes in to see, he also gets traumatized, with mental pictures that will torment him the rest of his life!

After the madness, we get a recap from Dennis and Amy, who are now going to take a shower together. We also hear Krissy and Sadie’s take on the experience, and Piper chimes in with her take on watching the experience. It’s them time for the “Phantom News.” Today, the least celebrated holidays each year, a threesome that ends in a stabbing, Dennis Murphy comes back with Amy, who apparently took a bath instead, and the rest of yesterday’s top grossing romantic comedies of all time. And the guys get so wrapped up in the shenanigans, that Doni skips the caller 100!


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