With Doni having the day off, the inmates are running the asylum today! With Drew handling show host duties this morning, the guys recap the poker tournament they played in Saturday at Capital Casino, in which Don was knocked out immediately, followed by Little Joe- in the first twenty minutes! The big winner was Slow Joe, who made it to the last table and finished eight, picking up a pretty nice chunk of change. The guys then tell their most embarrassing injury stories, and Drew reads a list of the “Messiest Band Breakups” of all time, before Craig reads a list of his own: the “Top 10 Songs To Play On Guitar To Get You Laid.”

After hearing about a woman who stripped topless at an elementary school assembly, the guys do a phone scan, and Craig and Slow Joe try out some of their lame bits, before we hear a montage of Dane Cook and Louis CK doing relatively the same jokes onstage, and the guys debate whether or not Dane Cook is ripping of Louis CK. It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” today, celebrity birthdays, Alec Baldwin’s racial slur at a paparazzi, country singer Mindy McCready kills herself, and good deeds from famous people. And of course, the day is wrapped up with a caller 100!


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