MARYSVILLE (CBS13) – Marysville police know when they respond to a call at one particular convenience store, there’s a good chance the bad guys will still be on-scene because the clerks are fighting back.

The Super X Market on Beale Road is home to some superhero workers who have been bagging more than groceries for the past few years. For the fourth time in the last three years, employees have captured thieves stealing in the act.

“I love it! I love it! I hate a thief, you know?” customer Steve Cayton.

Customers love the employees’ fighting spirits.

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department says store clerks stopped Jeffrey L. Black Jr. and Monique R. Trevino Wednesday afternoon as they tried to steal snickers, peanuts, and Top Ramen.

jeffery black and Monique Trevino

The clerks grabbed Black by the belt and held him down until cops could arrive. Trevino allegedly spit on a clerk as she tried to get away.

“I’m glad these guys catch them, ’cause these guys work hard; and you work for nickels and dimes and quarters, you don’t make very much money,” Cayton said.

In a phone interview, store manager Nahlina Vang told CBS13 that workers aren’t specially trained, but are told to confront the thieves.

“It has always been store policy from the very beginning,” said Vang. “I don’t think any store would accept somebody just coming in and trying to steal stuff. I don’t think it would be acceptable.”

Sometimes clerks get hurt. A bike was once thrown at a store employee, while another employeewas bit by a bad guy. Regardless, all have an appetite for fighting crime.

“If it happens to us, we definitely have to put a stop to it,” said Vang.

The store is currently in the process of upgrading its surveillance cameras.

Trevino was booked on $1,000 bail on suspicion of burglary, while Black was held on $100,000 bail on suspicion of robbery and burglary.


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