DAVIS (CBS13) – Davis police are on the hunt for two suspects after a woman says she was raped and held against her will.

“That totally could’ve been me,” said one resident.

Too afraid to reveal her identity, a single mother of two lives next door to the alleged victim, and says she didn’t hear anything suspicious.

“I wish I would’ve called the cops right away,” she said.

Davis police say the alleged victim was approached by two men as she walked out of her apartment around 5 a.m. Thursday. She says they forced her back into her unit, where they raped her as she tried to fight back.

“I just saw someone get carried out in a stretcher,” neighbor Jason LaClair said.

Police say the victim made the 9-1-1 call nearly eight hours after the men grabbed her.

Investigators say the case of two strangers attacking and then raping a woman is rare.

“In this case, it’s just a weird, unusual case,” Davis police Lt. Paul Doroshov said.

“It’s really, really scary,” Maria Peralta said.

Like many who live at the complex, Peralta learned about the case after finding a card on their doors left by investigators.

“It’s really scary. I don’t want to be here,” she said.

LaClair agrees, saying his move is coming at a good time.

In the normally quiet community, many neighbors say their sense of security is shattered and won’t be restored until there have been some arrests made in the case.

“I think, what if I had gone outside and thrown out the trash, and my two boys were inside? What could’ve happened and they were asleep, and I just don’t know what could’ve happened,” said an unnamed female resident.

Police say the alleged victim is in her 40s and they only have vague descriptions of the suspects. One man is described as having brown hair, and the other suspect’s hair is black.


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