SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – According to Forbes Magazine, Sacramento is no longer one of the most miserable cities in the country.

For the first time since 2009, the Capital City did not make the magazine’s list as one of the 20 worst cities in which to live.

Sacramento residents CBS13 talked to Saturday said the magazine is catching up to what they’ve known all along, that Sacramento is a great place to live. Forbes didn’t see it that way the past two years when it ranked Sacramento as the fifth most miserable city in the nation.

“I think they’re wrong,” Mara Limon said of previous poor rankings. “We’re retired and we chose this place because it’s not a busy city.”

Proximity to other destination cities is one thing residents agree makes Sacramento a great place to live.

“Everything is just around the corner from us here in Sacramento and i love this,” said Mara, who has lived in Sacramento for eight years.

Danny Calderon, who has lived in Sacramento six years, says he enjoys the city’s four seasons and the activities the weather brings.

“I like it because you have the rivers, it’s close to Reno and Tahoe and I snowboard,” he said.

Charles McLellan has lived in Sacramento his entire 36 years and thinks Forbes took Sacramento off the list because things are looking up.

“The nightlife has improved, the restaurants have improved,” he said.

Maybe Forbes had a misconception of Sacramento the past few years.

“Cow town, farm town, not that much development going on,” Charles guessed.

This year Forbes didn’t take into account pro sports teams and some say that could be why Sacramento was finally dropped from the list.

“There are other places that are worse than us,” Mara said.

Two of those cities are nearby. Modesto ranks fifth this year and Stockton ranks eighth. Maybe Sacramento will start a trend, shining a more positive light on Northern California.

“I don’t think we’re miserable here,” Mara said. “We’re striving.”

Detroit ranked No. 1 on the miserable list this year, followed by Flint, Michigan.


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