SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – President Obama on Monday sounded the alarm to governors gathered at the White House about the automatic budget cuts set to kick in on March 1. CBS13 took a deeper look at how could those forced spending cuts could impact us here in California.

Finding a job can be tough without a little help. But if the sequester happens, job seekers could be out of luck. California’s Employment Development Department will face a $3 million cut.

“It affects our overall ability at career centers to provide job search assistance — all that help out there to help people find that next job,” said EDD spokeswoman Loree Levy.

And job seekers aren’t the only ones who will be hurt.

“For many of the seniors it could the only meal that they are getting that day,” said Meals On Wheels CEO Donna Yee.

Some homebound senior citizens might have to go without a hot lunch as Meals On Wheels will be forced to serve 200 fewer plates a day.

“We’re not even beginning to meet the need, so a cutback — 8 percent here, 10 percent there, is really a problem,” said Yee.

Elementary and high school students are at risk of losing their teachers. As many as 1,200 educators and aides are expected to be let go statewide because each district is being asked to cut 5.9 percent of its budget. For Elk Grove Unified School District, the region’s largest school system, that equals a loss of $1.4 million.

Public safety is not immune either as grant money that pays for repairs to helicopters and other gear will no longer be available.


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