Monday on The Jason Ross Show we talk about all the exciting events that happened over the weekend. We asked listeners to rate the following events from 1 being “It was worth watching” to 5 being “Didn’t give a crap”. The Oscars, the Daytona 500, the UFC fights, the NFL combine, and the Kings game.

We also touch on Mayor KJ holding his weekly press conference tomorrow. We asked listeners if they were to use one song to describe their mood about the Kings’ future in Sacramento, what song would it be?

Also Kobe told that he guarantees the Lakers will be in the postseason and make noise in the playoffs. LA has 3 straight wins and they’re 9th in the West. We asked listeners if maybe it was time to actually start believing in the Lakers.

We talk about Alex Smith and about the new rumors of him possibly being traded before next season. How will you remember Alex Smith, as a bust or a redemption story?


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