GALT (CBS13) – Galt schools are considering a proposal that would provide teachers with gun training courses through the police department.

“We do whatever we need to do to ensure student learning is prioritized,” said Galt Superintendent Karen Schauer.

In order for that to happen, Schauer says her schools must first be safe.

After the Newtown school shooting, the Galt Police Department suggested that teachers have the option of gun training, from how to spot them to how to use them.

“The odds of that ever happening are very, very minimal, but we still need to be prepared,” said Schauer.

If a gunman were on campus, Schauer says the new training would allow a teacher to describe to police the type of gun being used in the attack. She also wonders if teachers are ready for a gun and possible violence in their classrooms.

“Are they prepared to be able to pick it up and handle it properly or, because they don’t have the information, they end up injuring themselves or someone else?” asked Schauer.

Some parents say it’s a sad reality, but agree teachers should have some weapons training.

“I think people should be trained at least on how to handle them,” said one mother.

Others say more security guards and police officers are the answer and not a gun-savvy schoolhouse.

“They’re not going to be able to protect the kids by taking a gun safety course,” said another concerned parent.

The proposal is currently under review for teachers only in Pre-K through eighth grade classrooms.

The board says that this proposal will only have teachers go through gun training and not provide guns in the classroom.

In March, Galt high schools will also look at the same proposal.

The Galt Joint Union Elementary School District board is expected to vote on the proposal at Wednesday evening’s meeting.


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