NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) – A Nevada County woman convicted of elder abuse received a one-day pass from jail and disappeared for 15 months before police caught up with her in Georgia Thursday.

“She’s a con artist and she’s capable of just about anything,” said Brenda Marden.

She says her mother fell victim to Elizabeth Monk’s money scams. Monk roomed with Marden’s mother and then a neighbor, paying rent using bad checks.

“She would tell us this story, an amazing story, ‘my aunt lives here, we’re gonna get the money from her. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,’ ” said Marden.

A judge sentenced Monk to nearly 300 days for forgery and elder abuse, but she was granted a release for one day to see her supposedly sick son.

“(My mother) lost sleep. She was nervous, changed locks on her house. It was a big ordeal for somebody my moms age,” said Marden.

But that fear is now turning to relief with Monk’s arrest.

“Well, that’s simply amazing,” Marden said of Monk’s recent capture.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office tells CBS13 that Georgia officers pulled over Monk with a man in possession of marijuana. After one run of her ID, it was clear to police that they just captured one of Nevada County’s most wanted.

“Periodically, the wrong choice is made, the wrong person’s released,” said Sheriff Keith Royal.

Marden hopes, for the sake of victims, judges become a bit stricter about trusting criminals to return. She says it isn’t likely when you’re dealing with a scammer.

“I’m disappointed in the judicial system. I think she should’ve had an escort,” said Marden.

“Unfortunately, a lot of sociopaths in our jail, they live a life of crime. They’re gonna commit crimes whether in or out,” said Royal.

Monk is on her way back to Nevada County from Georgia, where she’ll have to finish three more months on her sentence. The sheriff’s office says it will likely add an additional year for escaping.

CBS13 was told the judge would not talk about Monk’s one-day release, but the sheriff says many Nevada County judges are compassionate.

After her return, Monk will not be allowed to post bail.


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