SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – These birds are angry and have no problem letting you know it.

CBS13 has received several reports from people — including our own Laura Skirde — calling our newsroom to report the angry birds in Sacramento’s McKinley Park.

Whatever you do, don’t take their picture. Apparently, that’ll really get their feathers all riled up, as one photographer found out.

“I’m OK. I know they can’t hurt me. They just got these little beaks,” said one man that landed on his rear thanks to one of the birds.

He’s not the only one to get hit by the angry birds. One curious kid had a goose strike him in the groin.

“They’re defending their territory,” said Diane Martin.

Martin feels like she needs to defend the birds.

“Some people agitate them. I think that adds to the problem,” she said.

Even if people just walk by the wild ones, they still seem to yell a lot.

“When they extend their neck and hiss, then you know they’re ready to attack,” said Martin.

But they don’t seem to attack the hand that bathes them.

There’s plenty of water at the pond at McKinley Park, but Martin says every time they come here, all the other geese and ducks at the pond squawk and flap at them.

Another frequent geese feeder, Chris Maloy, has a different theory on why his buddies, who he named Frizzle and Frazzle, are terrified to join the others.

“I think they probably got traumatized by dogs or teenagers,” he said.

So now they hang by the rose garden.

“They’re kind of the keepers of the rose garden now,” said Maloy.

Martin is hoping to get a small kid’s pool for the geese since the birds don’t want to go to the pond. She thinks that may help calm them down.


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