SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There were extra security patrols at El Camino High School after a student was arrested on accusations of posting threats on his Facebook page.

“It’s a big thing because of the Colorado shootings and all that,” student Jacob White said.

A sophomore at the Sacramento high school was arrested over the weekend for allegedly making deadly threats on his Facebook page, promising to shoot up students at school.

“Don’t even think that stuff, because people take it so seriously now,” said one student.

When some parents heard about the posting, they called 911. Investigators quickly arrested the young man who’s facing terrorist threat charges.

“I know that he was in a fight on Friday,” said White.

Investigators aren’t elaborating on the motivation of the threat. However, some students say it all started last Friday after an altercation with another student.

“So the gun threat was to one kid, but it puts the whole school in danger,” White said.

In light of recent gun violence taking place at schools across the country, officers wanted to make sure it didn’t happen in Sacramento, and parents appreciate the diligence.

“You have to take everything seriously,” mom Maria said. “Hopefully they can teach him a lesson not to be saying anything like that.”

Police don’t believe the student had any accomplices. His identity has not been released because he is a minor.


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