SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – One city councilman is lobbying Washington for more U.S. taxpayer dollars to help Stockton reinvent itself.

With the city just trying to get through bankruptcy and move past last year’s record number of homicides, newly elected Councilman Michael Tubbs met with leaders at the White House to try and get the city more help.

“Stockton has to be a promised zone,” said Tubbs.

There’s a push to make Stockton the all-American city once again and Tubbs sees an opportunity to work directly with the White House to accomplish that goal.

“I tell everyone all the time, the problems in Stockton are really national problems. So if you solve them in Stockton, you’ve solved them for everywhere else,” the councilman said.

During President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, he promised a plan to help 20 struggling communities with federal grant dollars — places with high crime and high foreclosure rates, and cities that need additional educational support.

“I don’t feel safe here in Stockton,” resident Adela Gonzales said. “I’ve seen a sense of hopelessness take place throughout the years and it’s really sad.”

Gonzales and her daughter, Lisa Potter, moved in together after Potter’s home was burglarized and her car was stolen — twice.

“We’ve had cuts in our police department and I think that we need more money to educate our community and our youth,” said Potter.

Both women want change and remain hopeful Tubbs will be able to push the president to help build a prosperous Stockton.

“A city that’s really on the verge of reinventing itself, I think it’s a win-win for us and the administration. So I’m looking forward to working with our people locally to make sure we submit a coordinated application,” said Tubbs.

The next step is for Tubbs to gather the main different groups — school district, police department and others — and put together a comprehensive application to be selected.

However, this is still in the early stages, and we may not know until next year whether or not the president selected Stockton.


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