SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento fans are NBA fanatics compared to Seattle fans according to a new report that shows how the Kings have had higher attendance than the SuperSonics ever did.

Think BIG Sacramento’s “Home Court Advantage” report analyzes the comparative performances of the Sacramento and Seattle markets during the 23 years both cities had NBA teams between 1985 and 2008. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson will likely present the finds to the NBA Board of Governors next month.

The report lays out a big reason the NBA can make more money with the Kinds staying put, showing Sacramento had better game attendance over Seattle in 20 of the 23 seasons.

When it comes to selling out arenas, Kings fans have dominated with 19 seasons compared to the Sonics mere six seasons, despite Seattle having more winning seasons.

However, even in losing seasons, statistics show that Kings fans still perform better with an average sellout of 97.6 percent. Seattle had an average of 81.7 percent.

They are all numbers that the NBA will be crunching as they decide on the future of the Sacramento franchise and whether or not Kings fans will have a future in the league.

Here are some key dates moving forward:
March 24: The second “Here We Buy” game.
April 17: Kings take on the Clippers in their last home game.
April 19: The NBA Board of Governors meets in New York City to decide the fate of the Kings.

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